About Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department is one of the pioneering departments of the university. The Department was established to give prominent scientific training and provide the much – needed impetus to rapid industrial chemistry. The programme is expected to emphasize on the practical aspects of Industrial Chemistry with the aim of proffering solutions to problems encountered in manufacturing and service industries. Currently, the departmental undergraduate academic programmes are organized under B. Tech (Industrial Chemistry) with emphasis on the following specializations; dye and textile , food, polymer and plastic, wood, pulp and paper, instrumentation and chemical analysis, petroleum and mineral processing chemistry.

The department undertakes courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.), Masters of Technology (M.Tech) in Analytical Chemistry and M.Tech in Industrial Chemistry, Professional Master of Technology in Environmental Chemistry, Master of philosophy (M. Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy in any field of Chemistry. However, the M.Tech. in Environmental Chemistry and Master of Philosophy programmes are the newly proposed initiatives. The department is well equipped with both academic and technological manpower to undertake these programmes. The products of the department are most sought after by reputable employers nationwide.

Our department also has a well-equiped scientific glass-blowing workshop where various laboratory glasswares are fabricated and repaired.

The graduates of this programme with adequate training in industrial chemistry can thus be employed in manufacturing and service industries, teaching and research institutions, military, banks government ministries and parastatals and can be self employed.


At the end of the course, the graduates would have understood the fundamental principles of the subject, acquired a broad based knowledge of the practical and applied chemistry, to be able to;

(a) organize and supervise the production and quality control units in chemical and allied industries;

(b) collect and carry out chemical analysis of samples and make recommendations from the data.

(c) handle some aspects of design and maintenance of equipment as well as the construction of simple laboratory apparatus;

(d) undertake general supervisory / managerial function in chemical and allied  industries; and

(e) establish a basis for the development of research on specialized area of applied chemistry.

Current senate’s approved course curriculum DEGREE OPTION (B.Tech. Industrial Chemistry).